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fighter jet that crashed in libya today. a close call for the pilot and weapons officer. it went down after an apparent mechanical failure. both crew members were able to safely eject, but their rescue came with some controversy. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more. >> good evening. it is complicated. and it looks like it was tragic. emphasizing just how highly libyan rebels regard american forces as saviors really, consider what happened so one of the downed american airmen. he was discovered by people who said, we're rebels, you can trust us. they took him inside and gave him juice and gave him a ride. took him in the car all the way to benghazi where he telephoned american forces for a pickup. but it's what happened to the other u.s. airman that might have caused a friendly fire tragedy. commanders say the usf-15 e suffered a mechanical failure. the airmen ejected.
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but as they were rescued came the reported bloodshed described by libyans to western reporters. flying at least one osprey like this, a u.s. rescue team reportedly fired on friendly libyan rebels who were near one of the u.s. pilots. six libyans reportedly died. u.s. commanders investigating the crash promised to investigate the reported deaths. in el salvador this afternoon, president obama said many more u.s. forces would have died if if the forces did not intervene. >> i want to emphasize to the american people, because of the extraordinary capabilities and valor of our men and women in uniform, we have already saved lives. >> reporter: meanwhile, allied air raids continue. two arab nations, say they're sending jets to the, a force. but ground troops are still advancing on the strongholds.
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>> the blood of americans is on gadhafi's hands. he should be removed from power. >> reporter: could libya's rebels pose a threat to the u.s. gadhafi calls them al qaeda. >> we know there was a radical islamist presence in east libya. this rebellion seems to be secular in nature. we've seen no indication that there's any type of radical islamist ideology driving what's happening here. >> reporter: whatever's happening, it's not over. president obama promised again this afternoon that soon it will not be american planes and pilots patrolling the no-fly zone. he's confident, he said in el salvador, just a short time ago, that we will be able to transfer control of this operation. he wants nato to run it. but so far, no deal. >> steve handelsman. thanks, steve. one of the city's busiest commuter roads is still shut down tonight because of a serious accident.
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this is in northeast, on north capital street near the old soldiers home and carroll high school. emergency crews arrived on the scene shortly after 2:00 this afternoon. the driver was trapped inside. the victim had to be cut out of that vehicle and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. but then rescuers saw a child safety seat in the wreckage. they feared that a baby was also trapped under that cement truck. and they had to use a heat seeking camera to discover that the child was not involved in that crash. the d.c. fourth grader who allegedly brought cocaine to school, he's back with his mother, after a hearing in d.c. superior court. the boy had been in foster care since the incident last week. four students were taken to the hospital on thursday. after they either sniffed or swallowed the drug. those students returned to school yesterday. there have been two murders in one montgomery county
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neighborhood in less than a week. police want to know if those crimes are somehow connected. the first attack happened on friday. a man found shot inside his house in olney mill road. yesterday another man was shot down on north high street on his walk home from work. chris gordon is at the scene of that shating with more on this. chris? >> reporter: good evening. two murders, tonight police have no motives. and no suspects. but they are investigating to see if there are any similarities. police say it is highly unusual to have a murder in olney. that's why two fatal shootings in less than a week has them wondering if there's any connection. the most recent murder occurred monday evening, gunshots rang out in this quiet olney neighborhood. >> it's very scary. and the main thing is not knowing exactly what happened. and who and where. that's what makes it scary. >> reporter: 41-year-old
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punyasara gedara was walking home from his job at subway where he had only been working a week. he and his wife moved here from sri lanka, after winning a lottery and a trip to the u.s. with work privileges. they moved in with his uncle, who was working in his yard on bantry way when he heard the shots. >> i lost my family member. he was a nice guy. so that's so sad for everybody, my family. and we are shocked. >> reporter: the victim was walking home along this street when he was shot about here. witnesses tell police they noticed an older model beige toyota camry driving out of this dead-end street in that direction toward georgia avenue. this the second murder in olney in less than a week. last friday evening police found 81-year-old nasir ahmed dead at his home in the 19500 block of
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olney mill road. >> detectives do not know if there is a relationship between these two homicides. 81-year-old muslim gentleman, 41-year-old man recently in the united states from sri lanka. but it makes sense to investigate, to see if there are any factors that link these two deaths together. >> reporter: montgomery county police say a thorough analysis of ballistic evidence from both crime scenes is being conducted, but has not yet been completed. that's the latest on the murder investigations here in olney. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. one of three d.c. police officers nabbed in a stolen property sting was in court today. guillermo ortiz told the court he'll be represented by patricia crestasavage. he was accused of trying to buy electronic equipment he thought was stolen. he's accused of buying an iphone
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and 22-inch tv. he's due back in court next month. d.c. mayor vincent gray wants every person on his staff and his former campaign staff to cooperate fully with the fbi investigation into hiring and campaign tactics. gray says that includes cooperating with related probes by the d.c. council. the city's ethics office, and a house committee on capitol hill. tom sherwood reports. >> the fbi is assessing allegations of gray's campaign last year, improperly paid a candidate to harass fenty. and gave suleiman brown a $110,000 a year city job. staffers have already been interviewed by the fbi and gray recently hired prominent defense attorney robert bennett. >> has the fbi contacted you yet? >> i don't know. i haven't heard from them directly. >> wouldn't you know if the fbi had -- >> well, yeah, they may have contacted mr. ben knelt. i'll be talking with him today.
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>> reporter: gray's comments came as one of the strongest allies on the council is asking for subpoena power in her review of high salaries paid to suleman brown and top officials in the gray administration. the house committee that oversees the district has complained that some staffers are refusing to be interviewed. >> i don't want to send any message other than the one we intend to be forthcoming. >> reporter: mayor gray replaced his chief of staff last week can't order aides to testify before shay. but he said he wants them to. >> whomever she wishes to talk to we'll make available. >> anybody who works for you in the government will go and testify? >> yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: gray said he thought capitol hill should have let local authorities and the u.s. attorney conduct the investigations before capitol hill became involved. but he said that criticism won't affect his cooperation. >> i think you also know that right from the very outsit, i've encouraged the investigation, and asked that it be done
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swiftly. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. sources tell tom that all of this has become a huge distraction for the mayor early in his term. and he has a difficult budget. it's due out april 1st. there's encouraging news about d.c. housing market in maybe neighborhoods in the city, homes are selling fast. according to a new report from the long and foster real estate company. in february, the number of homes on the market in the penn quarter shaw neighborhood in the northwest went down 32% compared to a year ago. there were also fewer homes available on capitol hill. the inventory was down 26% in northeast d.c., 22% in south east. falling home prices and rising oil prices were among the issues that had an impact on wall street today. the dow jones average dropped 17 points, closing at 12,018. the nasdaq down eight points, ended the day at 2,683.
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the s&p 500 lost four points and closed at 1,293. still ahead, smoke and flames over cairo, as the protests are not over in egypt. some wild spring weather forcing schools to go on lockdown. there's new progress at japan's quake-rattled nuclear plant. the all-time home run record holder in court. and dan, how is our weather? >> or doug, it doesn't really matter, wendy, it's all the same. but tell you what, big-time changes in the weather. temperatures right now to the north, very cold. to the south, very warm. who's going to win out. i'll show you. lindsay? thanks, frank. the capitals will need to use the depth on their roster. and how an nfl rule change could decrease the number of plays like this. fire in egypt interir
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ministry today. a source at the ministry said the fire is probably linked to a protest by police who are demanding the resignation of the minister. the flames raced through all seven stories of the building. no one was injured. earlier today, the military cordoned off that building to protect it from about 3,000 police protesters. those demonstrators are
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demanding better pay and working conditions. vice president joe biden visited the japanese embassy today to pay his respects to the victims of that massive earthquake and tsunami. after signing the condolence book in northwest, mr. biden spoke about the resilience of the japanese people. he said what they're going through is beyond what many can comprehend. but he said their courage and their bravery during this time is impressive. also today, hundreds of family members of u.s. military arrived at a california air force base. they evacuated japan on chartered flights. air force officials say the families were brought home to lessen the need for food, water and fuel in japan. while in japan, survivors are still struggling. ian williams has the latest. >> reporter: the official death toll has now passed 9,000, with at least 13,000 more still missing. throughout this devastated region, hopes have been raised by sunday's dramatic rescue of an 80-year-old woman and her
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grandson who had been buried for nine days in the rubble. the reality, though, the search and rescue operation is winding down, and the big cleanup has begun. one piece of good news, significant amounts of aid are at least reaching survivors in the more remote areas devastated by the tsunami. although many basic goods are still in short supply. water and power are also being restored to many areas. some 400,000 people have been displaced. and what's most striking is you visit these battered towns, is their tremendous resilience. there's none of the chaos that often accompanies natural disasters elsewhere. >> crews were back at the fukushima nuclear plant again today trying to cool those reactors. officials say there was radiation detected in the nearby sea water, but they say it poses no threat to humans. however, milk and leafy vegetables from parts of northern japan are still banned, because of radiation concerns. there were opening
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statements today in san francisco in the perjury trial of baseball star barry bonds. prosecutors say bonds lied to a grand jury back in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids during his baseball career. today his lawyer said bonds admits to using steroids, but bonds claims his personal trainer made him think he was using flaxseed oil and arthritis cream. his trainer, greg anderson, refused to testify today in that case. anderson is considered a key witness. he is being held in contempt of court, as he continues his silence. bonds is facing one count of obstructing justice, and three counts of making false statements to a grand jury. still ahead, the frantic rescue mission that was launched after a massive rock slide. we might have a few more storms headed our way. doug will tell us about that. i'm jane watrel. if your car hits a pothole like
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this one and it's damaged, who should pay?
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california, where this neighborhood woke up to the rumbles of a massive rock slide. the home video was shot yesterday. it shows 200-foot-long piles of rocks and mud sliding down this
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hillside. it has left a deep pile of debris covering the only road in and out of that neighborhood, trapping dozens of families. crews are working to remove the rubble and hope to have it reopened. in maxwell, california, take a look at this funnel cloud that someone caught on their home video camera. it's spinning over the skies of northern california. area schools had to be put on a lockdown. there were no injuries, however, and no significant damage reported. pothole patrols all over the area tonight. city, county and state crews usually the ones filling the holes in the road. there's at least one company attacking the problem on its own. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: fairfax businesses take the pothole problem into their own hands. paying to fill the gaping holes in parking lots by using a private business, that can charge from $100 to several hundred dollars a pothole to smooth out those rough patches left behind by the winter weather. this private pothole repair contractor is overwhelmed with calls. >> oh, golly, it's off the chart.
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just -- the phones are ringing. it's good for business. >> reporter: pothole problems continue to plague commuters. some of the largest and most visible can be found on fort myer drive, as motorists leave the district on the key bridge. >> we had a rough winter. >> reporter: to be fair, there are plenty of road crews out there trying to patch up potholes as soon as they pop up. but despite the rapid response, there's frustration. >> they have been awful. they're everywhere. the potholes are just terrible. everywhere you drive, you run into a ditch. they're just awful. >> reporter: d.c. lawyer david has blogged about the calls that he gets from upset motorists, wondering if they can sue for damage to their cars. his advice? >> as far as filing a full blown lawsuit, probably not. but what you can do is if you -- if your car has been damaged from a pothole, you can call your local municipality and ask if they've had prior notice of it, of the pothole.
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and if they have, you can work to get your money back. or money to pay for repairs to your car. >> reporter: a perennial problem that not only costs motorists, but businesses as well. so if there is a pothole in your neighborhood, area transportation officials want you to be as specific as possible when you call them or let them know where it's located. in northwest, jane watrel, news4. potholes will be filling up with snow by this weekend? >> you know what, here we are in the first weekend in spring. we have the cherry blossom festival coming up this weekend as well. we may actually see a little bit in the way of snow. not anything to cause any travel problems at all. i do think we could see temperatures dip down close to or below the freezing mark as we head into the weekend. if you have some friends coming in, you were hoping for weather like this today during the cherry blossom festival. a lot of people out and about today. this is around the naval memorial taking in the beautiful afternoon. a lot of sunshine early before the clouds moved on in. temperatures have been warm
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enough for the past couple of days, that allowed the flowers to bloom as well. 62 degrees the high temperature out there on your tuesday. average high today around 58. we were well above average during the day today. nice and mild, but big changes making their way in over the next 12 to 24 hours. 60 degrees the current temperature right now. winds out of the north-northeast at about 5 miles per hour. we're in the upper 50s in frederick. culpepper, 64. look at charlottesville, 66 degrees. 64 in fredericksburg. leonardtown coming in at 55 degrees right now. a lot of areas made their way into the mid-60s down to the south. this is going to be the way it is tomorrow as well. to the north of the d.c. area, you'll be on the cool side tomorrow. fredericksburg, maybe toward charlottesville, you could warm up into the upper 60s, maybe 70 again tomorrow. it's going to be a big temperature contrast. right now, no rain as we look at live digital doppler radar.
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that's the good news. it will be rather dry throughout the evening hours. we will see the rain. actually, a warm front making its way toward the north and shower activity as far west -- or east as the pittsburgh locations. we are going to see some of that rain move in overnight. then we'll watch for this rain to move in. big-time thunderstorms. tornadic thunderstorms right now making their way through western portions of iowa. that storm system will move our way. what won't move our way is these beautiful temperatures. 77 in memphis right now. 79 in atlanta. and 79 in raleigh. normally, we see a pattern like this, we get that warm air. but the cold air is really trying to fight to hang on. it's only 39 in buffalo. we're going to see that contrast in temperatures during the day tomorrow. once again, a lot cooler to the north. a lot warmer. down to the south. that warm front will be on our doorstep by tomorrow morning. areas of shower activity to the north. the dry period through the afternoon and more rain coming in late tomorrow night. maybe some strong thunderstorms as the frontal boundary sweeps
6:25 pm
through the area. that will take any warm area we see tomorrow well south and east of the region. everybody will be on the very cool and windy side during the day on thursday. we're going to feel like we go back about a month during the day tomorrow as those temperatures will be plummeting. tuesday, this is at 7:00 tonight. look at the rain coming in by 2:00 a.m. it's mostly from around the potomac river up to the north. watch what happens by about 6:00. it's about all to our north. expect wet roadways tomorrow morning. don't expect the rain to cross the area, by noon, 2:00, not a whole lot going on unless you live out to the south -- or rather the west, toward winchester and martinsburg. everybody gets back in on the action late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. tomorrow afternoon's rush hour could be problematic. and we could see strong storms from this as well. partly cloudy skies this evening. still mild, 55 to 60 degrees. tomorrow morning, not too bad. we're still going to be on the mild side. scattered showers, best chance to the north. 44 to 47 degrees.
6:26 pm
as we make our way through the day tomorrow, rain likely in the afternoon. possible strong storms as well. maybe some hail and damaging winds. temperatures, 54 to the north, 60 around the d.c. area. some areas to the south will be warmer than that. on thursday, a high of only 53, with cold wind. and a high of only 48 on friday. look at saturday, 40 for a high. we could be in the 30s for overnight lows on saturday. and on sunday, maybe even some snow trying to mix in on that weekend as well. so it's going to be a fairly chilly weekend. temperatures in many locations may not make it out of the 30s on sunday. >> wow. >> depending on just how strong that storm is. hopefully the second weekend of cherry blossoms is better. >> hope there's cherry blossoms when it's all over with. dozens of dogs rescued from a hoarder. the people who wanted to help adopt them may have to get in line. we're getting a new look at the crime scene at the lululemon store in bethesda.
6:27 pm
singer chris brown's rage. we'll find out what he was doing moments before he allegedly went off. we've learned what caused a metro escalator to collapse at the foggy bottom station. coming up in sports, how nfl rule changes could impact the game. also, capitals hope depth on th
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a close call today for two americans aboard a fighter jet in libya. that plane we are told suffered mechanical failure and then crashed. the crew ejected safely, but six libyan rebels were killed during a friendly-fire incident during the rescue of one of them. the death toll in japan has now surpassed 9,000, and 13,000 are still missing. large amounts of aid finally arriving to the coastal towns. power and water services are being restored to some of the harder hit areas. in less than one week, there have been two murders in olney, maryland. police are trying to determine whether the two crimes are somehow linked. one victim was shot to death last night while walking home from work. another man was found dead in his house last friday. detectives returned to
6:31 pm
lululemon in bethesda today, more than a week after an employee was beaten to death inside that upscale yoga store. >> for the first time we're getting a closer look at the struggle that occurred inside that store. pat collins has our report. >> the tragedy of this vibrant, vital young woman who they show on tv and in hiking gear. she just looked so alive. and she's gone. and as a person, and as a mother, i just mourn for her loss, for her death. >> reporter: back again, still checking out the crime scene, still taking evidence from the lululemon store. 11 days after the murder, four days after the arrest, still more police work to be done. today we could see the yellow tape markings on the floor, xs
6:32 pm
and arrows charting the path of violence. a rampage that went on for more than 20 minutes. 30-year-old jayna murray, stabbed and beaten to death here. the likely weapons, a hammer and knife, tools from that store. the suspect, 28-year-old brittany norwood, a co-worker. jayna murray suspected norwood of stealing items from the lululemon store. on facebook, lululemon stores from around the country post tributes to jayna murray. there's also a video of her grave site in texas surrounded by bouquets of flowers. back on bethesda avenue, people still pauls at the murder scene. people still trying to come to grips with what happened here. >> really scary that you never
6:33 pm
really know, like, you know, who you're working with, or the people around you. it could be anyone. >> it's been gripping in a w i haven't experience, that's hard to understand. and just thinking about someone coming to work, not having any idea what a dangerous situation they were coming into. >> reporter: lululemon says the store in bethesda will be closed indefinitely. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. virginia's attorney general wants his challenge of the nation's health care law to go directly to the supreme court. ken says the law is unconstitutional, it requires people to buy a health care plan and he wants to skip the normal appeals process, going straight to the supreme court because he said arguing it places an unfair burden on the state. metro says it knows what caused the collapse at the foggy bottom station. an object was lodged in the central escalator, causing the steps to break apart. last month when a woman tried to step on the moving escalator,
6:34 pm
she fell through it. she was able to pull herself up and no one was hurt. metro will officially release that report at thursday's board meeting. a man who lives in fort bellmar who served in two war zones was killed yet when a county fastran bus slammed into a line of stopped vehicles. that accident happened about 4:00 yesterday afternoon at the intersection with the fairfax county parkway. as julie carey reports now, police are now trying to figure out why that bus driver didn't stop. >> reporter: tragedy during the afternoon commute. this was the scene on route 1 monday near the guys of fort bellvor. a fastran bus had plowed into a line of traffic stopped at the intersection with the fairfax county parkway. the toyota sellica struck first was crushed. >> those four vehicles slowed down for a traffic signal. the driver of that fastran bus allegedly did not see the traffic signal, or the people that were slowing down.
6:35 pm
and he ran into the back of the vehicle in front of him. >> reporter: eight people, including three passengers on the bus, were transported to the hospital, treated and released. but the driver of the sellica, 48-year-old william scott pitts was killed instantly. this is a photo of pitts once posted on the web. pitts lived with his wife and three children just up the road from the accident scene in housing on fort bellvoir. he was currently working at the national guard headquarters. he previously served in both iraq and afghanistan. as pitts' family and friends mourn, fairfax county police continue their investigation into the crash into why the fastran bus driver failed to stop for traffic. police say charges against the bus driver are likely in this case, but the exact charges won't be determined until the investigation is complete. the county bus service which transports social service clients is operated by mv transportation. the driver involved in the accident has been removed from duty pending the outcome of the investigation. mv transportation runs 51
6:36 pm
fastran buses daily. the county statistics show in the past eight months those buses have been involved in 17 accidents compared to 20 for the fleet in the fiscal year 2010. in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. animal control in maryland has dozens of dogs in need of new homes. but there weren't enough dogs to go around for all the people who showed up today to adopt them. authorities removed 51 dogs from a home in pasadena, where the owner is accused of hoarding. today more than 50 people showed up to adopt those dogs. the breeds include poodles, yorkshire terriers, mixes, and this little fuzzy guy. so far, no charges have been filed against the original owners, but authorities are expected to file charges this week. coming up, a report that says our cell phone service in says our cell phone service in the area is the worst in theis ,
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i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here on nbc 4, temperatures around 60 degrees. the clouds have moved in. the rain will follow. but not for a while. so i think we're going to see a dry evening tonight. winds out of the north-northeast about 5 miles per hour.
6:40 pm
live digital doppler radar, no rain to speak of around the region. it is trying to form, though. and it will continue to try. so i think we'll see showers overnight and into early tomorrow morning. mostly to the north of 66 and route 50 in maryland up to the north. that's where you can expect to see the chance for shower activity. expect wet roadways as you make your way into work tomorrow. 65 in fredericksburg tomorrow. only 54 up there toward frederick, maryland. we're going to see a change of temperatures over the next couple of days. wait until i show you the extended forecast when we have more time. jim? >> thanks, doug. there's a report tonight that chris brown, the singer, flew into a rage after his interview on "good morning america" today up in new york. the network says the show's hair and makeup staff heard loud noises coming from brown's dressing room and called security. producers found his dressing room was trashed. including a window that was smashed. all this happened after brown was asked about the assault in
6:41 pm
2009 on singer rihanna who was then chris' girlfriend. from abc news, this quote, as always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that's what we did in this interview with mr. brown. well, we have problems with our cell phones here in the nation's capital. there's a good chance you can't hear a lot of your calls if you're in d.c. according to jp power and associates. the computer ratings firm said the nation's capital has the worst reception quality compared to other cities. 18 out of every 100 calls suffers a problem here in d.c. and it also says that cell phone quality overall has dropped in the last six months. experts blame the service problems on the fact that a lot more people are using their cell phones indoors, and they say more people are using smartphones, and that may factor into the service problems. >> so there. >> yeah. how are we looking? >> we've got trash talking going
6:42 pm
on. you'll love this, jim vance. i'm embellishes a little bit. the hoyas think they're ready to take on maryland tonight. also, the nationals get back to 500, and spring training wraps up. redskins head coach mike shanahan talks about how the lockout is affecting his preparation ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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maryland beat georgetown.
6:45 pm
>> can it still be a rivalry? >> yeah. because we make it so. we decide. >> so it's us? >> that's right. >> because we say so, and it is. >> exactly. >> maryland and georgetown play tonight with the sweet 16 on the line. both teams have two very different approaches. the georgetown women say the team that wins will be crowned the darlings of the city. maryland said there is no such rivalry. but to give you an idea of the hoyas' outlook, coach terry williams was asked why she's so uber confident. she fired back with, you want us to be scared because we're at maryland? we're not scared. the last time these two teams met it was back in november. georgetown did come away with that win. they forced 29 turnovers in that game. the georgetown women are making just their fourth ncaa tournament appearance. but they have given the terps some bulletin board material with their confident comments. the terps who are making their 19th trip to the big dance have taped newspaper clippings up to their locker room to use that as motivation.
6:46 pm
no matter the proximity, the terps don't consider a team that they played so rarely as one of the most important for them to beat. >> i wouldn't call it a rivalry game. i think the games in conference are pretty tough as well. we're just excited to go out and have another chance. and make a run in this ncaa tournament. and we're ready to play. >> i think the rivalry has gone on for a long time, to develop the deep competitive nature where you want to beat them at all costs. i wouldn't call this a rivalry yet. >> i don't know if you guys know, but we beat tesse over the season and played uconn three times already. i don't think we're very concerned in terms of the legacy of a team. what a team has done. we're playing the five girls that step out on the floor to match up with our five girls in uniform. i'm a local kid, as you know. so i had the opportunity to watch those championship teams. things have changed. not that they're not a very good
6:47 pm
team. but we're playing the 2010-2011 maryland team. and they're matching up with us. it's about the kids on the floor right now. >> i think monica mcnutt just channeled lebron james. >> smack. she's talking smack. bring it on. >> it's interesting, because it's two completely different proesms. maryland has been there before. georgetown, we'll see how it plays out on the court tonight. it will be fascinating to watch. the capitals can clinch their fourth straight trip to the play-offs. if they beat the flyers in philadelphia, they're in. there are a couple of other scenarios that would get them in should they lose in overtime or in a shootout. the caps are at a disadvantage as alex ovechkin will miss tonight's game to rest and recover from an undisclosed injury. but the fact that this team has been battle tested already without key players has them feeling confident. but it's never good to lose ovechkin. he's played in all 73 games this
6:48 pm
year. he will mills at least the next three because the team wants him to be well rested for the postseason. meanwhile, the caps team has had to roll with a lot of line changes because of injuries to several different players. while it's given different players a chance to step up, it hasn't allowed bruce much of a dress rehearsal for the postseason show. still, the coach says knowing that he's got depth, that really is nice. >> in a perfect world, you love everybody to be healthy all the time. but i look through every team's lineup and every team has injuries, of major players. i think it says a lot for our depth. and a lot for the ability to -- for somebody else to step up. and like i've said numerous times, when someone's out, it gives somebody else a time, an opportunity to get 20 minutes a game. probably more than they've played in a while. and it's up to them short-term to take advantage of it. >> the flyers, by the way, are without one of their star players today, chris pronger is
6:49 pm
out with an injury as well. moving to football. nfl owners' meetings are held down in new orleans. today some big changes were announced. one of them involves instant replay. a proposal was passed to review all scoring plays, and coaches can get a third challenge if they win two challenges. the biggest discussion, though, today was about kickoffs. returns. one of the few areas the redskins performed well in last season. but under the new rules, nfl kickoffs will take place at the 35 yard line. not the 30. well, it's for safety, jim vance. the highest risk of injury played during a game, making kickoffs safer was the purpose. they think the opposing teams won't get that much momentum. of course, we don't know if there will be a football next season, next season, as the owners have locked out the nfl players. mike shanahan was at the owners' meetings, and he was asked how the lockout impacted him and his staff. >> well, from the football standpoint, there's not much of a change. because the players, at least from my standpoint, never start
6:50 pm
your otas until the middle of may. we're doing business as usual for the next six weeks, thereabouts, you're getting ready for the draft. the only thing a little different is you've had players in the building and working out with the strength and conditioning coaches and getting back in football shape. but actually, really haven't done anything until the players, from the draft, come out and actually get a workout. >> this is basically the little amount of r&r time that mike shanahan gets. that is a change made for safety. >> they keep this up, they might as well call it something else. it's not even going to be football anymore. that's one of the most exciting parts of any game, the potential for some, you know, absolutely amazing runback, and great blocks, and lineup. you know, it's -- they're going to kill this game. >> they also wanted to change the wedge formation. however, that was overruled. they changed that back in 2009. >> i remember that. >> the koesms were not happy about that. >> no. i'm not happy about this either. moving on.
6:51 pm
just over a week until opening day. today the nationals are winding down their spring training run. they get back to 500 by beating the astros 3-1. jim's squad trying to make it two straight wins after seven straight losses. bottom of the fourth, danny espinoza, two outs, lines one just past the shortstop, diving there in center field. that allows wiln to come home with the first run of the game. espinoza, hitting .327 this spring with a team leading 15 rbis. also, john looking good, strikes out carlos lee in the top of the fifth. lannone gives up just two hits in six innings of work. the nationals get their 12th win of the spring. they beat the astros 3-1. no changes to that game today. >> call it smurf ball or something like that. >> oh, dear. all righty. >> okay. here we go. coming up, our chesapeake bay waterman make it into the d.c. environmental film
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
a local film about the waterman in the chesapeake bay is appearing tomorrow night at the d.c. environmental film festival, showing a generation of waterman dying out because the bay is too damaged to sustain them. it's an important 30-minute documentary that, like the bay, deserves some attention. if you have visited the chesapeake bay, you know them. the men in the white work boats who for generations have made a living on the bay. hunting and gathering the oysters and the blue crabs that find their way to our tables. >> i've been doing this all my life, since i graduated. oh years. pretty hard to walk away from
6:56 pm
it. >> reporter: these watermen are being forced to loaf their boats because like other living things in the bay, they, too, are struggling to survive. >> the first signs of a sick bay. i think that this is a real calling for us. >> reporter: d.c. filmmaker laura seltzer spent three years with this family on the peninsula of the bay. now, they can't make enough to live on. they may have to give up the only life they know. they are a dying tribe. >> it's almost like you're losing part of your family. >> reporter: the 30-minute documentary is narrated by actor sam waterston. it gives us an intimate look at these brothers and their work boat, the taylor ray. their way of life is being strangled by the same oxygen depletion that is killing the bay. algae blooms that grow uncontrollably, fed by the fertilizers and nitrogens that run off from our farmlands, golf
6:57 pm
courses, sewage treatment plants and our own back yards. it all ends up in the bay. >> i want people to become aware that the bay really needs their help. >> reporter: new regulations have helped. the beautiful blue crab declared a disaster in 2008 prompted local governments to impose restrictions on harvesting females. and it worked. in one year, the blue crab has made a rousing comeback. and the watermen who refused to leave are learning to adapt, by growing their own oysters in floating beds. and they're learning to be heard. they're protesting the epa, to enforce the clean water act. but the bottom line is still the bottom line. and small steps don't feed a family. >> it doesn't take much of a land job to beat this. >> you can see the last boat out tomorrow night at the carnegie institution for science at 6:00. and for more information, go to the last boat >> worth seeing. >> it is. it really is.
6:58 pm
a final check, doug. >> final check, things are going to cool down dramatically over the next couple of details. before that i think we'll have a round of strong storms tomorrow. 57 degrees the high temperature around the d.c. area on your wednesday. could be a lot warmer down to h. some areas could be near 70 tomorrow. down around fredericksburg and further south. on thursday, everybody cools off. rather windy on thursday. high temperature of 53.colder o degrees. a high of only 40 on saturday. maybe some rain, and that rain could actually change, or actually mix with some snow at times. same deal coming up on sunday. temperatures remain in the 40s. sunday, monday. and another potential storm coming up on tuesday. that could be a coastal storm that could keep us cool into the 40s then as well. can't rule out the snow then, too. let's hope it doesn't happen. but we'll see. we've had snow this late in the season before. thanks, doug. if you like to collect things, here's something for you. a collection, unprecedented collection of shark teeth, pre
6:59 pm
historic sharks going on the auction block. 182 prehistoric shark teeth on jaws large enough to swallow several people whole. these sharks lived up to 25 million years ago. actually, a little longer than that, too. they grew longer than the size of one or two city buses. the 9-foot by 11-foot jaws are currently on display at the museum of science and nature down in dallas. that is a big mouth. >> yeah. >> if you all know some people with big mouths, but that is a big mouth. this auction is going to be held in june. like i said, if you're interested -- look at those rows and rows of shark teeth -- this was found somewhere, i think, in south carolina and virginia, and found these sharks

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